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My name is Henry Levin, and I’m a Co-Founder with my wife of The Pinchas Foundation.  The Pinchas Foundation is 501c(3) non-profit organization that offers classes in the spiritual healing and protection methods of the Chiricahua Apache people that have been used for centuries to help people and animals heal mind, body, and spirit.  We also provide healing and other services for people and animals.

I came to this work because, starting in my late twenties, I wrestled with health issues for the better part of 15 years that Western Medicine could not fully heal.  Finally, I met a woman who practices the healing ways of her Apache ancestors, and she helped me to finally break through and feel so much better.  In addition to making progress on my physical health, these methods also helped transform all areas of my life.

A number of the specific methods I use are on our website’s Spiritual Healing page, https://www.pinchas.org/spiritual-healing, and I list some of them below.  But really when I am honored with the opportunity to help somebody, I start by going into prayer, confirming if I am meant to work with the person, and then asking what is needed.  I will get information about what I need to do to help the person and as well what the person needs to do.

Regarding part of what I am meant to do, we believe that there is healing energy all around us, that the Universe has an infinite amount of healing energy.  I work to tap into this energy and channel it to the people I’m trying to assist.  This both helps them to heal and assists them in doing the work they are meant to do.

Some of the specific healing modalities I use (and teach) are:

  • Healing with color and light.
  • Healing with sound.
  • Breathing, meditation, and visioning (or visualization) techniques.
  • Connecting with nature.
  • Working with stones, plants, oils, and herbs.
  • A variety of energy work including Reiki, which is a powerful method for channeling the universal healing energies.
  • For some, prayer.
  • Dream Interpretation.
  • Connecting with one’s spirit guides.
  • Spiritual Protection teachings.
  • Life Purpose and work that can resemble traditional coaching/counselling work.
  • A variety of teachings and tools from Kabbalah.

Regarding connecting with one’s spirit guides, this is a core practice of the Apache tradition.  In brief, our guides are always with us and ready to assist and guide us in how to best walk in the light in all areas of our lives.  Like many Spiritual practitioners, I have come to believe that there is a greater intelligence or wisdom in the Universe, well really it is Creator’s wisdom and light.  In the Apache spiritual tradition, working with one’s guides is how one receives guidance from this wisdom and light.

But I try to meet people where they are and can assist people who do not believe in guides or Creator.

The bulk of the Foundation’s revenue are dedicated to supporting equine rescue efforts.  Because many of the horses we help support were rescued from very difficult circumstances, they need a lot of medical attention to have the best chance of having happy, healthy, and productive lives.  So in addition to funding more routine procedures, the Foundation has also funded more advanced treatments, for example stem cell therapy.

For us, equine rescue and Spiritual Healing are connected in a few ways.  One, our Spiritual Healing teacher has dedicated her life to equine rescue.  Two, interacting with horses has proven to be remarkably healing for many. And three, we believe that all people and our planet can only fully heal to the extent all people and all animals dependent on mankind are honored and treated with compassion.


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Salisbury, Ct


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