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Christine intuitively weaves expansive energy methods to guide others in transmuting dense energies and expanding into higher levels of consciousness for whole-self embodiment, releasing old programs, belief systems and patterns for more ease, grace, success, health, abundance, love and purpose in life. .

Christine is a seasoned psychotherapist turned mindbody mentor and relationship coach offering remote and in-person private mentoring, couples work and groups through her Mind and Body Studio. Her current methods include advanced EFT tapping, bilateral reprocessing, energy consciousness activations, emotional regulation, developmental needs meeting, parts integration, therapeutic reparenting, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation, hypnosis, attunement and frequency bridges.

In relationship coaching Christine integrates mindbody energy methods with nearly 30 years experience providing marriage counseling and couples therapy. In addition to the above energy methods she uses Sue Johnson’s attachment informed EFT couples approach and Gottman informed methods, with masculine, feminine polarity to re-establish and maintain romantic and sexual magnetism in intimacy.