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“An Innersource recommended Senior Practitioner”

Melanie Smith is recognized as one of the most powerful Energy Medicine teachers of our time.   She teaches Energy Medicine for Healthy Living workshops throughout the world. She empowers people to become their own best healers by teaching them energy medicine skills to improve their lives and to connect more deeply with their own inner healer.  She is a Doctor of Oriental MedicineAcupuncture Physician, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, Founding Member of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Wisdom Council, Senior Faculty for Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program in the USA and UK, Authorized Energy Medicine for Women Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, teacher and speaker.

For two decades, Dr. Melanie has treated thousands of patients in her practice, Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc. located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She is passionate about helping people from different cultures experience the healing power of energy medicine.  She has provided energy consultations via Skype in more than forty countries and taught workshops on four continents.   She has gained a reputation for being able to help people heal complex health issues using Energy Medicine for Healthy Living techniques where she combines a unique fusion of energy medicine, sound healing, acupuncture, oriental medicine, energy psychology, nutrition, and therapeutic bodywork.

Her path to Energy Medicine occurred after a serious injury more than twenty years ago.  Like many others, she tried the western medical system to heal her injury.   Twice she nearly died while hospitalized.   It was through alternative medicine that Melanie fully recovered.  At the time, she knew the injury was a “gift” as it inspired her to learn, grow, and heal herself and ultimately help others to heal too.  Since that time her passion has been to help others transform their lives through the power of energy medicine.

Dr. Melanie currently teaches her Energy Mastery Workshop Series including Heart Health, Hormone Havoc, Brain Health, Cancer Care and Immune Health.  She also mentors many EEM Practitioners and has created multiple Energy Medicine for Healthy Living resources to make it possible for individuals around the world to learn energy medicine.  She is co-author of Energy Medicine: Your Personal Health and Wellness System for Today, author of Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ Charts and is featured in more than twenty Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ DVD’s and Online Video programs where she teaches audiences the healing power of their body’s own energy system.



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