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Satnam, truth seekers and welcome. Thank you for seeking truth, wisdom and purpose. I am an energy healer, nutritional expert, personal trainer, self-help book author, BJJ Black Belt, Reiki Master Shaman and I am here to serve those who wish to bring more love and light to the world.

I offer online Spiritual Counseling Sessions & Kundalini Activations as well as in person Kundalini Adventure Healing & Guidance Bookings, in Sedona, Arizona, I’m also a CE5 Conscious Ambassador and I’ve studied under Shipibo and Native American tribes. I have recently finished my Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) with a Metaphysical Counseling focus and I’ve written the "Enlightenment Protocol" and "The Golden Laws Of Enlightenment," inspired by Kundalini awakenings, that I will be releasing soon.