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As a two-year graduate from Eden Energy Medicine Training (EEMCP), and a ARCB board certified Reflexologist, I work with people of all walks and ages. In my unique combination of integrating Reflexology with Energy Medicine, I pay extra attention to the feet, while working with Energy Medicine as my first modality.

In my sessions, I will always tune into priorities for the highest balance that can be reached in the client’s energy field that day, for maximum increase in well-being. It is a holistic approach, including the body, mind and spirit.

My work is intuitively guided and compassionate. I am able to hold space for emotions, as they might surface during a session, and then gently facilitate releases. I love to supplement my work with the Sound Healing of Tuning Forks, using their vibrations and healing frequencies to amplify and integrate any other energetic shifts.


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Kirksville, MO - USA