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Discover Healing ~~ State-of-the-Art Energy Healing


Over the years as I’ve been practicing Discover Healing’s Emotion Code, Body Code, some of my greatest successes have been helping people that feel overwhelmed and just plain STUCK, or feeling life has no purpose. Helping people improve their self-worth and evolve as a person is a great passion of mine as well. In addition, I have also helped many find relief from traumatic memories, grief, fears/phobias, relief from allergies & intolerances, and feelings of anxiousness. With the recent addition of the Belief Code, (October/2023) I have already witnessed a huge improvement in my 7-yr old grandsons anger problems after identifying and releasing a faulty belief system and I expect even more WOW type of shifting and transformation for my clients as we work together.

Let’s have a 10–15-minute chat on the phone, without charge, to see how well we might work together. Visit my website (gracefulharomny.com) and fill out the contact request form at the bottom of the home page.


Tamera has been providing life-changing sessions in person and over the phone for 17+ years. Using a powerful blend of energy shifting/clearing techniques featuring the Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code “subconscious reprogramming” along with insightful mentor-coaching, she assists you in eliminating the “unwanted” physical, mental and emotional stuff from your life.




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