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Donna Eden

The Energy Medicine Directory lists people who have taken at least one course in Eden Energy Medicine and want to be identified as being interested or involved in Eden Energy Medicine.

Some have completed the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program and are listed on Donna's site as Certified Practitioners.  Some have an energy medicine practice as such and others are integrating energy medicine within a range of disciplines, from massage to acupuncture to psychotherapy to medicine. Others are beginning students who just want to learn more. 

The Directory allows networking, finding people in your community who are interested in energy medicine, and a chance to ask them about local study groups, classes, practitioners, and other resources. Excellent energy medicine practitioners who have not gone through our Certification Program may also be found in the Directory, although we cannot officially endorse their training, backgrounds, or competence.  If you are looking for a practitioner, we encourage you to ask them about their credentials, professional experiences, and areas of specialty.

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Policies and Disclaimers

The management of the Energy Medicine Directory reserves the right to exclude or remove individuals from any listing at any time in their sole discretion.